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This event is targeted but not limited to:
• CEOs, CIOs, COOs
• Project, Managing & Operations Directors
• Asset, Engineering, Quality Control & Facility Managers
• BIM Managers
• Civil, Mechanical & Structural Engineers
• Architects and Design Consultants
• Contractors & Subcontractors
• Facility Owners & Operators

VPs/ Directors / Heads / Managers of:
• Construction
• Offsite Construction
• Offsite Manufacturing
• Project Management
• Offsite & Prefabrication
• Civil Engineering
• Structural Engineering
• Property Development
• Infrastructure
• Architecture
• Drafting Design

From the following industries:
• Engineering & Construction
• Manufacturing & Prefabrication
• Design & Architecture
• Project Management
• BIM Consultancy
• Government Administration

The efficiency, coordination and outcome improvements delivered by building information modelling (BIM) makes its growing utilization in the AEC industry almost inevitable. BIM’s usage within Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) optimizes the use of digital technologies throughout the 4 stages of the built environment lifecycle – Design, Fabrication, Construction and Asset Delivery & Management. This is not digitalisation merely for the sake of doing it. As the AEC industry builds bigger and take on projects of greater complexity within shorter time frames, building efficiently and strengthening collaboration across the entire value chain will be mission critical.

The process of launching Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) practices throughout the United States, however, has been slow and selective. The hard bit for many AEC firms is determining how exactly to use BIM-related tools to transform processes and create important differences to outcomes. To ensure the integrated use of BIM, firms need to elaborate digital strategies and develop policies valid for all projects. Without standard policies, the diffusion of BIM technology will be strictly based on the relation between client and contractor, with different methods for each project.

Join us at the BIM Summit by Trueventus to get insights into how BIM will become the versatile tool to launch IDD shared platforms and standards to support the larger adoption of IDD solutions. Hear from AEC professionals compelling case studies about BIM’s evolution to solve various industry challenges and its wider implication for business gains.


  • Scale to new heights in BIM innovation and embrace digitization as the core driver of Construction 2.0

  • Discover what it takes to achieve smarter and sustainable designs with a deeper understanding of BIM and its applications

  • Drive further automation and efficiency of processes through consolidated data sources and integrated platforms

  • Optimize workflows through active collaboration with other project stakeholders in data-sharing channels

  • Learn about the greater role BIM will play in shaping future built environments in the region